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Water Education for California

With over 35 years of combined water education experience, Links4Ed’s mission is to connect water organizations to their local teachers and students to help foster an understanding of California’s unique water systems.

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Water Conservation Challenge

Californians have always been leaders in water conservation by stretching their supplies in innovative ways. This water education curriculum is designed to empower students with the knowledge of how and why they can make a difference.

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Growing Water Awareness

Teaching students about California's water systems helps them appreciate their local water sources and fosters environmentally engaged citizens.

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Water Education

This comprehensive California Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards–based curriculum has been designed to help students learn about water conservation, the water cycle, California's water supply, and alternative water supplies. Hands-on activities and supplemental resources keep learning active and make it easier to retain information.

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Links4Ed is challenging students to save 100 gallons of water. In its student activity book, A Snapshot of California's Water, students are given four days and three water conservation tips to show them just how easy it is to save water! Teachers who have students who have completed this challenge can enter the contest for a chance to win a $300 mini-grant, provided by Links4Ed.

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Links4Ed is here to help foster a sense of community that unites teachers, students, and water organizations. We provide a curriculum guide and a standards matrix that accompany the student activity book, A Snapshot of California's Water, along with a printable certificate for those that complete the 100-Gallon Challenge.



All standards-based curriculum has been developed just for California. The curriculum includes colorful graphics and engaging activities that help students explore a range of California water-related topics.

Links4Ed provides a personal service by people who have over 35 years of combined experience in the water education industry. Links4Ed is experienced in helping water organizations connect with local school districts. Contact us for more information.

Links4Ed curriculum has been endorsed by leading water management. It is proud to have A Snapshot of California's Water activity book endorsed by Curtis Creel, former General Manager of the Kern County Water Agency.

What do students gain from water education?

Nurtures Environmental Stewardship

Introducing students to water education at a young age encourages cooperation, collaboration, self-regulation, and ultimately environmentally engaged citizens.

Connects Students to Their Local Environment

Teaching students about California's water systems helps them better appreciate their own local water resources.