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Californians have always been leaders in water conservation by stretching their supplies in innovative ways. This water education curriculum is designed to empower students with the knowledge of how and why they can make a difference.

We are challenging students to save 100 gallons of water. In the student activity book, A Snapshot of California’s Water, students are given four days and three water conservation tips, to show them just how easy it is to save water!


$300 mini-grant for your classroom!

Teachers whose students complete the 100-Gallon Challenge should fill out the form below. Each year in May, Links4Ed selects one teacher to receive a $300 mini-grant for their classroom.

    Print out our customizable Certificate of Completion to recognize those
    who have complete the 100-Gallon Challenge!


    A Community Growing in Water Awareness

    Links4Ed is here to help foster a sense of community that unites teachers, students, and water organizations. Teaching students about California's water systems helps them appreciate their local water sources and fosters environmentally engaged citizens.

    Why Water Education is Important

    What is a water footprint? It is the amount of freshwater used by an individual. The water that we use can be defined as direct or indirect water use. Direct water use includes brushing your teeth and showering. What we often don't think about is our indirect water use, which includes the water that is needed to grow, produce, or manufacture the items that we use every day. Understanding both direct and indirect use of water and being aware of California's complex water system are the best ways to create a culture of water conservation that will last a lifetime.

    The Results

    Each year, we will build on our success and growth in water knowledge and conservation. Who knows how many gallons of water we can save together! Join Links4Ed to connect our classrooms and businesses together to improve environmental stewardship.